Monday, December 7, 2009

A confession and an update from the author

I feel that I owe all of you an explanation on why I've been so slow in posting recipes lately. I've had an eventful fall, and one of the lesser events (to put things in perspective) is that I was offered a job in Chicago. I've spent the past several weeks madly preparing for this move and getting myself settled in Illinois just in time for winter.

Several things were listed in my "cons" list when considering moving to Chicago. Trust me - at the top of the list were my subscription at Johnson's Backyard Garden, this related blog, and the loss of my own vegetable garden in Austin. I have really been enjoying connecting with other CSA subscribers through the Donut Army blog, and knew I would miss whatever little bit of creativity this outlet was providing for me.

I have struggled with how to handle this blog, since the premise is to list recipes based on items that appear in our CSA boxes. Instead of giving up the blog altogether, I've decided to continue posting recipes. But, for now, to focus on recipes that use in-season items -- that way, I can at least feel somewhat connected to Johnson's Backyard Garden.

I still have my home in Austin. My family is still there (unfortunately, they are not with me up here). And I will be visiting frequently. I am also trying to spread out my CSA box delivery dates to be on weekends when I will be visiting. So occasionally, my posts will sync naturally with what appears on the JBG farmboxes. Until then, I hope the recipes will be of interest and of help to you as you continue your active participation in the Johnson's Backyard Garden CSA program!

And, in case you were curious, the CSA  movement is alive and strong in the midwest! Any membership I choose to maintain is currently on hold, as we are between growing seasons.

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