Friday, March 26, 2010

Taking a Knife Skills Class

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I took my first hands-on cooking class last week. A fancy kitchen-supply store near my home offers regular cooking classes, many of which are either *sniff* a bit too beginner for me, or, feature lots of red meat which I neither want to eat, nor learn how to cook. Their spring calendar, however, featured a class titled Knife Skills and promised to teach its student how to properly wield and care for their kitchen knives.

After some initial doubts, based on the skill level of my classmates, I found myself really learning a lot about the topic. For example, I got to try one of these santoku knives, which I've just assumed are just gimmicks. The grooves in the sides are allegedly helpful at eliminating proteins from whatever you're chopping, thus making the chopping easier. I will say that chopping a potato with this shape of knife was easier; the dices that you had already finished did not stick to the blade quite as much as with a regular chef's knife. I'm not sure the advantage is worth purchasing another knife for the kitchen, but it was interesting to learn.

I learned exciting new-to-me ways to chop peppers and tomatoes, and an easier way to cut a mango -- and even an apple -- that allow you to retain more of the flesh for your cooking and eating purposes.

In all, it was an evening well spent, and I recommend these quick classes to anyone interested in learning more about recreational cooking.

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Holly Tompkins said...

Sounds fun! I bet I'd learn a lot. My julienne (sp?) is lacking. :-)