Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jalapeno-Infused Vodka

I learned this trick from Tito's Vodka, which was sponsoring and presenting at the 2011 Edible Austin Eat Drink Local Week Cocktail contest.

Decant your vodka of choice into a smaller container. Cut a jalapeno in half, lengthwise, and keep as many seeds as you think you might like in your flavored vodka. Let infuse at least 8 hours, or longer, depending on taste.

Strain vodka through a fine sieve into your final container.

This reminds me that I never posted pictures or thoughts from the 2011 Cocktail Contest held at the AT&T Center. It was definitely a fun evening, although flash often outweighed taste in the competing cocktails.

Some of the best mezcal I have ever had.

One of the finalists and his dry ice.

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